• Satin Pillowcase

      245,00 kr ( 24,52) Inc. VAT


      Anti-Frizz – as the satin fabric is soft and smooth it avoids the friction that normally happens with the hair on cotton fabrics, so it preserves your hair against frizz during the night.


      Anti-Breakage – the delicate and smooth satin surface prevents capillary breakage during sleep.


      More hydrated and nourished hair – you will also be able to keep hair hydration and nutrition up to date, which is important for all types of hair, but even more for curly ones, satin will not remove water and good oils from the hair. A well-hydrated hair brings countless benefits, such as achieving a beautiful definition, making it stronger and healthier.


      Anti-Aging – YES!!! If all those amazing benefits are not enough, the satin pillowcase has another one: anti-aging. Since we spend a good part of our life sleeping, our skin is in constant contact with the pillowcase. When we use cotton fabrics it ends up causing friction between the skin and the textile, breaking down the collagen fibers on our skin, making it flaccid and wrinkled. The smooth satin’s surface prevents that while maintains the skin’s natural moisture.

    • Satin Bonnet for Sleeping

      249,00 kr ( 24,92)258,00 kr ( 25,82) Inc. VAT

      No more Bad Hair Days!

      Double-sided adjustable satin bonnet:

      1. Satin hair bonnet comes in ready to wear with a silky smooth edge for a fitted feel.
      2. Hairstyling accessory is made of high-quality satin fabric which protects hair while preventing breakage.
      3. Hair Bonnet is made of a satin material that is very smooth and breathable for long and durable use on the pillow.
      4. Hair cap is great for multiple hairstyles including buns, loose hair, dreadlock, braids, weave, perms, curly hair, afros, and more.

      Production: By.Lanay

    • Satin hairband – adjustable

      110,00 kr ( 11,01) Inc. VAT

      Adjustable satin hairband, without elastic.

      1. A styling accessory in the high-quality satin fabric that protects your hair and prevents it from breaking.
      2. Perfect for creating multiple hairstyles. Use with buns, loose hair, dreads, braids, and more.

      Production: ByLanay

      • Polyester 100%
      • OEKO-TEX certified

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