• Day After Definition Gel – 320g

      185,00 kr ( 16,93) Inc. VAT

      Day After Definition Gel from Salon Line has the new and exclusive PROFIX technology that guarantees 72 hours of definition, fixation, and duration of the curls, in other words, an incredible result that provides a perfect day after. With an anti-frizz action.

      Recommended for:
      Wavy hair, Curly hair, and Coily hair.

      The Definition Gel has avocado oil and D-panthenol in its formula that guarantees regeneration of the hair fiber, intense hydration, softness, shine, and even fights frizz.

    • Straight Hair Kit – Meu Liso Demais

      320,00 kr ( 29,29) Inc. VAT

      A Special Anti-Frizz Kit for Straight Hair.


      This amazing line aligns the strands, seals the ends, completely eliminates hair frizz, and intensifies the smooth effect of the hair.

      Indicated: for naturally straight, straightened, or relaxed hair.

      This line was created especially for those who have straight hair, whether they are natural, straightened, or relaxed hair.
      For those who want super soft and hydrated hair, without losing the natural movement of the strands! Do you know that feeling of clean roots and sealed ends? If you still don’t know, run to buy yours, my friend! Frizz never again!

      Vegan. No salt and no parabens.

      D-Panthenol: moisturizes, improves hair texture, and helps eliminate split ends.

      Collagen: Improves elasticity, and gives strength and absolute shine.

      Creatine: a protein that helps to strengthen and maintain healthy hair.


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