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A complete line for you to love and call yours, with a formula based on patauá oil and plant extracts, it provides moisture that prevents the damage that moisture loss can cause curly hair. Also, promote softness, increasing natural hair hydration and elasticity

With this line your hair has no crisis!

Come and fall in love!


Do away with dry and damaged hair with no mercy! The “Sudden Death” line is a daily treatment for dry and lifeless hair. Also excellent for those who dye hair or use other chemicals. Gives your hair super hydration.

With aloe and vera, jaborandi, and green tea extract. Its formula restores moisture, gives strength, resistance, softness, and shine to hair. Also repairs hair fiber damage and protects hair color



Rapunzel line is made with Ginkgo Biloba, caffeine, menthol, and arnica. It stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the hair root, and avoids the early stages of hair loss, making them grow stronger and healthier.


Follow the instructions for treatment and leave the rest to Rapunzel!


I am not an ordinary mask but a Ghee. 

I’m a vegan, vegetable, and organic fruit butter for hair treatment. 

I am made with coconut water, known to be very rich in amino acids, and that makes me much better! 

My texture is already perfect for hair application, there is no need to warm up. Oh, and although my name is butter, I am not edible! 

My perfume comes from essential oils and fragrances with vegetable solvents, so I keep my glamor. I am a product for hair use only, and I’m wonderful (because I am modest).



It defines your curls by giving volume just the right amount and protecting the strands from the air humidity that disassembles the curls easily. 

Also, with thermal and sun protection to close the wonderful package!


A universal product that meets all your needs for hair care regardless of hair type. 

With 25% of plant extracts and sunflower oil, it gives shine and softness to stressed hair. Helps retain moisture by protecting them from future damage such as breakage and dryness.

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